1997 Honda Civic TypeR Motor Sports Track Edition N1 Lightweight - Available for $24,500

100% STREET LEGAL with all Import Documents

1997 Honda Civic TypeR - Motor Sports Track Edition N1 Lightweight
B16B DOHC VTEC Inline 4 Cylinder
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Front Wheel Drive
183,843 kilometers = 114,234 Miles = Driven approx 4,569 miles per year!!
Cosmetically it needs some minor work, but mechanically everything works and runs great!!

Other EK9 Civic Type-R's have been selling for $28,000 to $40,0000
This one we are selling for $28,000 because it has no carpet and basically a race car

This is a 1997 EK9 Honda Civic TypeR Motor Sports Track Edition N1 Lightweight, which came from factory with steelies, no power anything, manual rollup windows, no tint, no AC, no ABS, no airbags, no electric folding mirrors, no heavy recaros, etc.. This is a limited edition that not many people know about, chances are, if you're reading this you probably didn't know about this also. Please google if you would like more specifics about the N1 Lightweight.

This car has no rust, it runs and drives great.. There have been no accidents reported with this vehicle. This is a N1 lightweight so there shouldn't be AC or power folding mirrors but in this vehicle there is a power folding mirrors button and an AC button on the dash. Also, under the hood we can see an AC compressor so it appears that this one has AC which is surprising since this is a N1 race car!!

We have also done a 2000 front conversion - headlights, hood, fenders, bumper, lip, and we did a full paint job to fix the body imperfections. We have also purchased a set of CTR wheels and had them professionally powder coated, purchased new CTR center caps from japan, installed new tires, changed the fluids, installed new original OEM Honda stickers and emblems from japan and had the car cleaned.

Only thing we are not changing is the interior. Even though we could easily buy the pieces to make this into a regular CTR we will not be doing so because the price will just continue to increase higher as we continue to invest more money into the vehicle. Also, in the spirit of this being a track edition CTR we will keep it carpetless and we will not remove the roll cage. For now, the car will remain without CTR seats and no CTR steering wheel. When we find a buyer, if the buyer would like to have CTR carpet, CTR seats, and CTR steering wheel added - we can easily buy and install these pieces at buyers request at extra cost.

Traditional banks typically will not allow financing for any vehicle older than 10 years old. For this reason most banks will not do auto loan for a JDM car. PLUS the fact that JDM cars vin number are NOT 17digits which makes banks nervous! We recommend using a collector car financing company like one of the three mentioned below.
- www.jjbest.com
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- www.woodsidecredit.com
To be approved you will need to have proof of employment for at least 6 months, have good credit history (helps if you financed a car before). You will need at least 680 credit score and at least 15% down payment. 


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