1991 Honda Beat - JUST ARRIVED

100% STREET LEGAL with all Import Documents

1991 Honda Beat
660cc Inline 3 Cylinder
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Rear Wheel Drive
168,4001 kilometers = 104,638 Miles = Average of 3,375 miles per year over the past 31 years!!
NO RUST, Everything Works, Runs Great!!

- Aftermarket bumpers and skirts
- Lowered
- Aftermarket wheels
- Convertible top cover
- Many aftermarket interior pieces
- Seat covers
- Momo steering
- Carpets
- shift knob

- Small scratch on front bumper

The car has some scratches on the front bumper and a small crack. Previous owner took very well care of it. The AC works good,  The vehicle does come with maintenance records
- 69,630 kilometers   - Timing belt was replaced
- 71,403 kilometers   - Dstributor was replaced
- 100,000 kilometers - Suspension was changed
- 115,000 kilometers - Complete engine and transmission overhaul - (timing belt, water pump, idler bearing, tensioner bearing, gasket set, engine mount, torque rod bushing, exhaust valve, intake valve, rocker shaft, intake rocker, exhauster rocker, connecting rod metal, main metal, cylinder discrimination sensor, oversized piston, flywheel, clutch disk, clutch cover, clutch release, pilot bearing, 5 gear main, 5 gear counter - total cost around $5,000). 
- 124,000 kilometers - Clutch master inner kit, release cylinder replacement
- 125,191 kilometers - Air Conditioner compressor, receiver tank, pipe replacement
- 139,188 kilometers - Brake master inner kit replacement
- 141,302 kilometers - Main relay unit replacement (part number 3940-S10-003)

Vehicle is in really good condition and it is easy to see the car was well cared for in Japan. 
Comes with Original bumpers and a few other goodies.

Traditional banks typically will not allow financing for any vehicle older than 10 years old. For this reason most banks will not do auto loan for a JDM car. PLUS the fact that JDM cars vin number are NOT 17digits which makes banks nervous! We recommend using a collector car financing company like one of the three mentioned below.
- www.jjbest.com
- www.lightstream.com
- www.woodsidecredit.com
To be approved you will need to have proof of employment for at least 6 months, have good credit history (helps if you financed a car before). You will need at least 680 credit score and at least 15% down payment. 


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