Bidding on JDM Cars: You can bid any amount you like. But you have only one chance to bid, so bid smart!!
This is NOT Ebay where the auction lasts for 7 days.
There are typically 20,000+ cars to auction off every week in Japan.
JDM auto auction LISTINGS are posted, viewable to the public and to dealers for typically 2 to 3 days.
For the listing period, the listings are inactive until the final day when the vehicle goes on the auction block.
Every car has it's moment to shine on the auction block for about 1 or 2 minutes until bidding is closed and highest bidder wins!
Then the next car comes, and the next one comes, and the next one comes, 20,000 vehicles every week, like a factory!!
Before you say it's weird, it's actually quite similar to USA auto auctions - that's just how Auto Auctions work... Click here for example of USA auto auction.

Since Japan is on the other side of the world and auctions are soo quick, you only have one chance to bid - SO MAKE IT COUNT!!
Otherwise - By the time you bid $1,000 the bid might already jump to $2,000, then we have to contact japan to increase bid, but by that time the auction is already over.
it's ineffective, unprofessional and doesn't work. Best way is to just be serious, bet the most you are willing to pay, and hope it sells for less so you don't have to pay your max bid.

For Japanese car auctions you have only 1 chance to win.
If you are not too serious, don't care if you lose, and can live without the car; place whatever small bet you want. Win or lose you dont care, you will be fine.
If it's a car you really love and don't want to lose it, you should place a legitimate bid, the highest you can afford and willing to spend.

- Worse case scenerio #1 - you didn't bid high enough. (you loose)
- Worse case scenerio #2 - you bid the max you could afford and it actually sold for close to your max budget. (but you still won, so it's not all that bad!)
- Best case scenerio - you bid the max you could afford and the auction ends $1,000 - $5,000 lower than your max bid and you get the car for cheaper than you were hoping!!

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