Our Import Process Commitment 



    Search & Rescue

    Our team scours Europe; primarily Italy for Defenders and Germany for Gelandewagens. We primarily source from Central Italy for Defenders as opposed to the UK for the higher quality frames and bodies with less rust. Our military contracts for Gelandewagens allow us to choose the highest quality Gelandewagens to work with. We hand pick only the trucks that we know will yield a product we will proud of.


    Initial Inspection

    Each truck undergoes a full inspection and 50-mile test drive at delivery to our facility. Preliminarily, oil pressure and compression tests are carried to identify any engine hiccups. Transmission and Engine are opened and examined at a later stage to identify what refurbishments are needed.



    Each truck is fully disassembled down to the frame in preparation for sandblasting. Every single screw, bolt, brake line, and switch is taken apart. This is the only way to ensure no hidden deficiencies exist.


    Mechanical & Electrical Shop

    At this point, we restore the brake and suspension systems, along with other parts of the driveline. Front and rear suspensions are overhauled; with new absorbers, springs, bushings, and bearings. Calipers are resealed and refurbished. New Pads, rotors, seals, and brake lines are installed. All tanks and fuel lines and removed, replaced, and refinished. Pumps, filters, and lines are replaced. All 24V vehicles are converted to 12V which involves replacing all gauges, lights, starters, pumps and motors.



    Transmissions and transfer cases are guaranteed to operate correctly. We disassemble and reseal each transmission to make sure any parts that show wear are replaced. Engines, after their initial diagnostics of oil pressure and compression tests, are disassembled and inspected for worn parts. We rebuild what is needed to be rebuilt.


    Body Shop

    All body panels and frames are stripped down to bare metal through a combination of blasting and sanding. After sanding, anti-corrosive treatment is immediately applied followed by multiple coats of primer. After drying in our humidity controlled paint room, the bodies are finished in any paint colour and type that our customers request. Whether you request a factory time-correct finish or a custom matte or rhino-line finish; any effect is possible at this stage.



    Putting it all back together! This is the fun part. We start assembling all lines, tanks, powertrains, and painted bodies back on to the frame.


    Quality Control

    Each unit is given a thorough 75-mile test drive in varying conditions to test the vehicle in its entirety. Each vehicle is driven on both the highway and off–road to make sure each part of these functional vehicles are performing optimally. All installed functions will be performing as well as the day it came off the factory assembly-line.



    Chances are, enclosed carrier delivery will be included in the price of your brand new Gelandewagen or Defender. We choose the highest rated carriers to bring our masterpieces from our door to yours. Expect same-day delivery for local destinations and up to five days for cross-country deliveries. We are located in Pennsylvania.


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